Family Word Centre’s goal is to support and empower parents in their parenting Journey. WHO IS THIS FOR?
Family Word Centre supports parents, through teachings, trainings, provision of creative practical resources, and prayer sessions for parents and children . Some of our parenting programs include :



Jochebed-Parent Network is our community of Parents with a burden to raise exceptional Children after the order of Jochebed, the Mother of Moses, Aaron and Miriam. 

Members of the Jochebed- Parent Network meet monthly to get equiiped, through teachings, mentoring, spiritual parenting training and

 prayers for the destinies of their children . 

Jochebed-Parent Network is open to old and young Parents from all over the World.

Contact us to join our community.

PARENTING WITH GOLD- Training session for parents on how to raise a spiritual and secular giant .

HOW TO HOME-CHURCH YOUR CHILDREN - Training or Teaching session, on how to make your home a spiritual hub  for  the daily spiritual growth of children and teens.

BIBLE BASED PARENTING-Teaching session  on Spiritual parenting and how to parent using biblical principles as a standard 


Training on how to navigate the challenges of parenting in today’s world and how to use technology positively for  Spiritual growth


Training session on how to fully maximize the holiday seasons for the mental and spiritual growth of your children .



Training session for parents on how to teach and train their children to use 

 technology for their spiritual growth and daily spiritual practices . 

NEW APPROACH TO FAMILY BIBLE STUDY - ( How to have an effective Family Bible study).

A step by step teaching on how to have a consistent and impactful family Bible study time that will meet the spiritual need of every 21st century child .


An expository teaching on the  common mistakes in parenting and Basic fundamental principles to adopt in Parenting millennials 


We see a future where parents worldwide have the revelatory knowledge and resources they need, to meet their children's core needs for spiritual growth and and an intimate Walk with God .

Teaching the teachers

Word Centre hosts Spiritual teaching and training programs for School Owners School Teachers Sunday School Teachers Care Givers

Family Work-Life Balance

This training Program running for about two decade consists of brief lectures, presentations, demonstrations, and exercises.

Parenting Training

Family Word Centre supports parents, through teachings, trainings, provision of creative practical resources